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I'm 18, and I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow. I was given trilyte and told to drink 8 oz every 10-15 minutes. I just had my first glass, and I gagged part way through and (involunarily) spit out a gulp or so. I managed to finish the glass in a minute or two by taking a breather with sips of soda in between. The solution is chilled, and we're not allowed to add anything besides the flavoring provided. I've never been good with lots of liquids at once or with things I don't like the taste of. How will I get through this? I'm really nervous that I'm not going to be capable of finishing the prep. This was only my first glass, and it's bound to get worse. Can I do 4 oz every 7 minutes instead of 8 oz every 15 minutes? I know that sipping throughout the time period is supposed to give worse results. Any ideas? I'm scared I can't do it. Thank you so much for any help.
I just got home a little while ago from my colonoscopy and upper-endoscopy. I was fast asleep throughout. The doctor found absolutely nothing of note, but he did do a biopsy to test for Celiac's disease, which I think he does with a lot of patients. I asked if I should just ignore the blood in my stool (black or maroon in color), and he said yes. I'm not sure how I feel about that since the blood must have be coming from somewhere, but he's the doctor. I'm seeing my primary later this week, so I'll ask him. My throat is sore, and I feel some cramping and I'm a little off-balance, but I'm doing well.

I only ended up drinking less than 2/3 of the Trilyte (really, just over half), but everything was clear. The doctor mentioned a couple of times how well cleaned out I was and that I prepared well, so I guess that if everything's clear you really don't have to finish the prep.

Thanks for all your help. :)