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[QUOTE=lilsunshine46;3475652]Hey that's great! I don't understand why more drs don't precribe the prep you got. I have had the old fashioned stuff for both mine YUCK!.]

Many doctors have stopped using the Fleet's phosphosoda prep because there have been cases of irreversable kidney damage - kidney shutdown in some people. Some of the reasons not to use this prep: if your kidney function is sub-optimal, you are diabetic, taking certain meds, aren't adequately hydrated. That's why many MDs are reverting back to the polyglycol formulas that don't stress the kidneys. Recently, my husband had to drink a gallon of the the TriLyte solution, he used the orange flavor pack, got it icy cold and said it was tolerable and it did a thorough cleansing - no follow-up enemas needed. Also when doing a prep, it is a good idea to switch to a low residue diet a day before the prep and also to drink extra fluids the day before - that will help things go easier on cleansing day.