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Thanks! Some people say it is breakthrough bleeding, some say it's not. Whatever it is, it's annoying! It's so weird b/c I only got breakthrough bleeding (besides this bleeding during sex) when I first started the pill. Well today I started having some really light spotting! This is my 3rd month back on Trinessa so I guess my body is adjusting once again. I just think my hormones are completely out of whack from all the switching right now.
I had breakthrough bleeding from Triness which was weird because I was on Tri-Cyclen right before that and Trinessa is the generic so it is supposed to be the same.
I was on Trinessa before and I did ok with it. The only ones I had problems with were OTC Lo and Yasmin. My doctor said if the bleeding with sex continued then he would switch me to Ovcon. I'm not so sure I want to switch again though. I go see my gyno on Sept. 12 so I'm thinking about telling him I want to stop taking bc altogether.