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Hey there,
I know somewhat exactly what you are talking about. I have never been able to take the generic drugs, even though, I know, I know, everyone says that they are the same, but they are not. The generic drugs use different fillers and that is where they get the different colors from. The active hormone ingredients are the same, but the fillers can cause different things in different people. I was on Triphasil for a long time and then tried the generic, Trivora and got really bad headaches too, like migraine ones. So then I went back on the original Triphasil again, then had the manufacturing problem, and then tried Trivora again, this time I went three months and got really bad leg cramps. So then my doctor changed me to the generic Junel 1.5/30 Fe and having problems again. I am now going back on the original Brand Name Triphasil and staying on it. I will never go back to using generic again even though they are cheaper. Some people just can't use them because of the fillers they put in them. I'm not just making this up, my pharmacist and doctor told this valuable information. I have researched this online also. The maker's of these pills all use different manufacturing processes and put different things in them, with the same hormones as the brand name drugs. As long as the FDA approves these drugs saying they have the same effectiveness, then they sell it in the US. If you can afford it, try to stay on the Brand name that you used to use, don't use the generic if you can. I am now ordering my perscription online, without having to use my insurance and getting the exact same brand name Triphasil for a fraction of the cost as the local pharmacies. It pays to research and shop around. I only know this from my own experience and I bet there are others out there who this has happened to also. Many can take the generics and many cannot. Good Luck :)