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Hi. Keep in mind, this is just my experience with the pill and everyone's body reacts differently. So take what I am saying with a grain of salt because it's just my experience with them.
I was on Triphasil for a few years and I liked it for the most part. The year right before the last year I was on it, I lost insurance and was switched to the generic brand of Triphasil, which was called Trivora. I was very nauseated and queasy on that and the next year when I had insurance again I went back on Triphasil. That last year I was on Triphasil, I started having some kind of strange feelings where I would feel like I was going to pass out when I woke up in the mornings a lot and would just be very sweaty and weak. My doctor didn't think this was tied to the pill and I have no proof whatsoever it was either, but my body just felt really out of whack and, fairly or unfairly, I blamed Triphasil and quit taking it. That was the only thing I really could think of that had changed around the same time I started having the weird morning thing. But for the first few years, Triphasil was great.
Ortho Tricylen I actually had a really good experience with, too. I never had any weight gain on it, I got lots of compliments on my skin so I guess although I couldn't really tell, it maybe did clear up my complexion some, I didn't feel nauseated or anything, and I didn't get those weird morning things. Had I not gotten the urge to try the patch, I would have probably stayed on that pill as long as my system stayed okay with it.
The patch was an absolute disaster for me, and I was switched to Yasmin on Friday. It's too early to really tell yet about how I will like it since I only started taking it Sunday, but so far, I like it a lot. Some of the weight from the bloating on the patch is coming off (it was only a few pounds, but my tummy got puffy-I lost weight and the bloating went down on my period was what made me know it was the patch). And I like the fact that Yasmin is a monophasic pill so that you can skip periods easier than the triphasic (when I would try to skip with Triphasil or Ortho Tricyclen, it never worked).
I hope this helps, and good luck with whatever pill you are put on.