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I have been on only one brand of pill before, Trilevlen/Trivora (Trivora is the generic), and I've been on it for about 5 years. I have had zero problems with it, and it's improved my acne as well as my menstrual problems - I used to have terrible cramping/pain, and now I have very mild cramping; I used to bleed heavily for two weeks straight (two weeks of menstruation, then two weeks of non-menstruation, etc.), and now I bleed, a normal amount, for about 6 days. As far as I can tell, I've also had no changes in weight or emotion. It seems the strength of these pills is just right for me.

6 blue pills: .05mg levonorgestrel & .03mg ethinyl estradiol
5 white pills: .075mg levonorgestrel & .04mg ethinyl estradiol
10 pink pills: .125 mg levonorgestrel & .03mg ethinyl estradiol

Now, because it's a triphasic pill, I learned [URL=http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=248064]on another thread[/URL] that, if the fourth week of pills (the 7 sugar pills) is ignored and a new pack is started immediately after the third week of pills, breakthrough spotting/bleeding will most likely occur.

I went ahead and started a new pack of pills after I finished the third week, and I did so practically on the same day I started that thread (dumb, I know). I am now half-way through the second week of pills (I took the last white pill this morning), and I have had no problems - no spotting, bleeding, nothing. I feel completely normal. So it seems like I may be perfectly okay doing this.

I will, however, talk to my doctor soon about what he recommends I do, but I also wanted to ask your opinions, since you may have first-hand experiences with different pills.

Would you recommend another type or brand of pill for me based on my following "needs"? (I would prefer to use what I'm using, but if you think something else would be better...)

- I do not want to gain weight (Yasmin sounds interesting...)
- I do not want to lose sex drive
- I do not want a shot or a patch - just pills
- I want to be able to skip periods (maybe have 4 or so periods a year)
- the pill brand/type should have the about the same amount of hormones that my current pills do, since it seems to be working so well for me

TiA for any help/information!