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I've been on Trivora (Triphasil) for a long time...over 7 years I think now, maybe longer. Last month I went on Seasonale, but just for one pack..they said I'd probably have light spotting etc. I got nothing...I got cramps like I was going to get my period, and got bloated, but nothing...

This freaked me out in a way, I think I'd rather have my period and have that reassurance that I'm not pregnant.

So after I finished that first pack, I went back to Trivora. At least I never had any weight gain, etc on it. Just in case, I took a pregnancy test about a week after I normally get my period, which was negative.

My breasts feel slightly tender...not horribly sore, but a little...other than that I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms but I'm wondering if I should take another test?

I didn't miss any pills, I was never told to use a "back up" method when switching...has any one else gone through this? If I WAS pregnant, shouldn't it have shown up a week after I should have gotten my period?