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Now that I am in tears after timing out with my previous attempt to post..... grrrrrrr

I have been taking BCP's since I was in high school (at first to regulate my periods)
I am now almost 35 and for the past 6 months I have been taking a generic form of Trilevlen which I have been on for several years with no noticable problems. Since taking the generic form Trivora, I have had numerous problems including:
*Severe headaches almost every day - not just right before or during my period
*Severe fatigue that has impacted my daily ability to function
*No patience - which is extremely hard on my relationship with my husband and children - I just want everything quiet and to be left alone
*Severe mood swings, anger, anxiety, depression, frustration
*Lack of motivation, inability to focus, problems remembering things
*Semi-constant upset stomach - lack of desire to eat with no weight loss, lots of nauseum but not bad enough to want to vomit - irregular bowel movements
*Shift from extremely predictable 6 day menstrual cycle to starting 4 days late and bleeding extremely heavy with lots of clots and finishing in 2 - 3 days
*Occasional heart palpatations
I have had an EKG done as well as anemia and thyroid tests done with everything coming back normal.
My doctor now thinks it is possible that my generic bcp could be causing many if not all of my current problems (it never occured to me to mention in previous visits that I was being given the generic form due to new insurance coverage)
I have tried to find web research to get more information on generics vs brand names and there doesn't seem to be any real information other than the FDA does regulate generic medications, but there are fluctuations that are allowed on generics. My understanding so far is that the manufacturers are allowed vary some of the binding agents and other inactive ingredients, but the amounts of active ingredients and the way they are released in your body have to be the same - but while researching hypothyrodism (before I found out that my thyroid is fine) there were recommendations to get as many months worth of the replacement hormones as you could at one time because of fluctuations between batches of the hormones being produced which could impact the levels in your body.
Does anyone have information or experience with having problems on generic hormones?
My doctor wants me to continue the birthcontrol, but fork out the extra 40$ a month to try the brand name to see if that will help- Now after reading most of the posts here, I am not sure I want to continue at all....

Thanks in advance if anyone has any relevant information or experience with switching between brand and generics or any other insights that might help me decide what to do.