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Hi there. I was wondering if you could help me. I was recently diagnosed as HIV+ in November last year after I got sick with a protistic infection and in February - PCP.
I was eventually prescribed Kivexa and Stocrin one tablet each daily at night and started taking this medication in March 2008 with no or little side effects.
At the time my CD4 counts got as low as 117 and my viral load was at 750,000.
Since starting HARRT my test results are as follows.
Approximately monthly intervals and the readings were:
April 2008
CD4 304
Viral Load 750,000
May 2008
CD4 304
Viral Load 10,000
July 2008
CD4 504
Viral Load 300

Aug 2008
Diagnosed with Ross River Fever

Aug 2008
CD4 490
Viral Load 100
September 2008
CD4 500
Viral Load 190

Now my doctor wants to change my medication to Truvada and Reyataz one each daily.
I am a little apprehensive to change so early and I have some research on your site.
I am wondering if it’s possible that the Ross River Fever has had some impact on my viral load and if it is too soon and that I should have more tests before I decide to change.

Can you help please?