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i have been having painful cramping like 3x's a day everyday, my period is regular but i have irregular discharges during the rest of the month w/an odd odor. they found a cyst the size of a golf ball on my ovary during an ultrasound and a month later it was gone. they've done tests for std's and something called endometrisis & they did a biopsy and another ultrasound. the dr report from my visit said i had scarring and iflamation but when the results came back they said i was negative on everything! yes i was happy to not have a disease or a cyst that needs to be surgically removed but where does that leave me? i asked the dr about the cramping he said take tylenol. i asked about the discharge and foul odor and 3 different dr's told me that most women think they have an irregular smell. i told them my bf has noticed it also and they just looked dumbfounded. i asked about the cyst and the dr's said sometimes they come and go. i asked about the inflamation and scarring they didn't have an answer for that either. the last dr said there was nothing wrong w/me so there is nothing they can do and maybe its just all in my head! this all started last may. i went to the dr for the discharge/odor and they said i had an infection they treated me but all the symptoms stayed so i went back and they said i was neg for infection but all of a sudden i have a cyst and all these other symptoms.

anyone that knows anything about this please email me back. i'm 21 and have been regular since junior high these symptoms aren't normal!