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My period cramps are quite painful. I took Motrin (2 tablets at 200mg each) about 3 hours ago. I can't wait any longer argh so is it okay to take 1 or 2 Tylenol geltabs (500 mg each)??? I know you're not suppose to take two different kinds of medicine at once but I need this pain to go away.

Thank you!!!!
Hi Girl,
Ive been pretty fortunate in the cramping dept,however have had my share..When I cramp I have found that taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol Extra Strength relieved me.I also stretched out in bed(in a quite room)with a heating pad or hot water bottle and deep breathed.You could also try massaging your abdomen or a hot bath.Im a big baby when it comes to pain,so it always helps to have someone baby and comfort you :)