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If you do a search in your search engine under "Yasmin side effects" you will find a dot com site that has several feedbacks from women who have taken Yasmin - not all of them are good. (I can't give the name of the site directly cause this message board won't let me do that).

I myself take Yasmin and have since January of this year. I was on for 3 months. I noticed acne break out on my chin the 2nd week of my very first pack and after that I was clear. I experienced frequent urination at night but I've heard that can be fixed if you take the pill before bed instead of in the mornings. My breasts hurt a lot and I think got a little bigger - and I believe I lost some weight while on it. Pretty much I was on whole very happy with it.

In March I started noticing some tingling sensations in my left hand and arm on occasion. I went on my non active white pills of my third pack like normal and I just happened to have elective surgery that week. A couple days after surgery I started up a 4th pack and by my 3rd pill I started getting the tingling and arm pain (it feels like a squeezing sensation). I stopped the pills because I got worried and thought maybe I should refrain from taking them so soon after surgery (I was worried about blood clots and such). I've just started up on what would now be officially my forth pack after skipping a month.

By the 3rd and 4th days I was experiencing the arm tingling and pain again. I took Tylenol and that seemed to help and it hasn't hurt since - but I'm definitely going to call my doctor about it and let her know. I'd like to stay on this pill if I am able.

Take a look at a list of low dose birth control pill formulations that I printed up on the Women's Health board and Sexuality - Women's board. 20 micrograms of estrogen is the lowest they make and it's just as effective at pregancy prevention as the higher doses of estrogen. I think the one that you've heard of being "not as effective" are the ones called Mini Pills which are just progestin.