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I would have to agree with the above poster. A Lap is a very common procedure to have a "looksie". Alot of things/illnesses cannot be detected with x-rays/scans or things of that nature. With a Lap, they can actually see with their own eye. As far as the pain goes, there is nothing to worry about. I did not recover as well as the above poster, it was the next day before I could actually shower and the moving was quite slow for a couple of days. But I must inform you that the more you walk around and release the excess gas, the better and quicker you will feel. You may even experience some gas pains up around your neck and shoulder area as the gas moves upwards. Just pop a few tylenol and grab a heating pad, and it will be okay. If you are experience painful cycles, like I was and many do on this board, this experience will be a piece of cake...nothing too it. I was back at work a week later after having an ovary removed by way of lap. Granted I was very tired and prob should have stayed home, but it went well. Good luck with everything and don't worry yourself sick.