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duhhhh? what happened?
Hello Winged phanton, Debbie, Dylan, Lorirat, Deborah 2003, Mistyone et al:

I'm home. Got home Thursday afternoon; Released 3 days post op and its Friday night and the search is one - tonight its the couch but clearly i am awake.

I did well; they got all the ruptured disc and I was ICU till Wed and spent till thurs on regular ward. First, the morphine pump was the key and Dylan god love you for doing without. Switching to 1 percocet every 12 hours was a big jump from the Pump and i had to interface with Tylenol 3.

Thank god i treadmilled till the end. BP was good and sent home...but Tues. after G. Anes. wore off and Wed were real downers. Everything hurt but by Thursday i felt well enough to put on sweater and lipstick and pray to go home.

Today A.m. I showered and blowdryed hair and stood and watched daughter on my bus as hubby said overdoing it. Visiting nurse attended at 2 p.m. and confirmed that the lump in my throat and all the other goodies were major signs i had over done it. ... Type a's learn the hard way so jammies are on... and goodbye to makeup and the model look... i can't do it.... i have to rest.

BIG NEWS To all you potentials: fingers feel good; don't break into pins and needles every two seconds.. but guarded as on major Percet. The freaky throat feeling has dissipated but only PERK keeps it down so i am not being Braveheart...

DO HAVE surgical blister .. really sore but incisions good... can't pottie but now on everykind of laxative known to mankind and hoping to strike it rich tomorrow...

i love you all guys... you were all right and kind to keep me straight on the path.. hope its all worth it... its intense but not deafening..

too tired to such much more.. will try on the weekend

Nero, the proud owner of a new c5-6 badge of courage.