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Hi all I had ACF 5-6 fusion surgery Sept 30 2003. Today is about 49 days since surgery and I experience little or no pain unless I strain or turn my head fast or to a certain postion. I had a bad time as I got a infection of my neck and throat and had to go back in hospital for 5 more days and they pumped me full of antibiotics. Wow I was on about 12 new medications. Most are not used now except Neurotin. I am no longer on the heavy pain killers like perocet or vicodin Im weened down to Tylenol 4. Problem i am having is I turn my head to the right and lay back on the bed or couch the room spins real bad and I have to get up or I get sick and nauseated. Im scared something isnt right in there. I have to go have a x-ray neck flexation and return to my surgueon in dec. Can anyone else tell me if they had symptoms of dizziness or vertigo after surgery? I also had problems breathing when I came out of surgery because I smoked. I vowed to stop smoking and havent touched a smoke in almost 7 weeks.(after 31 years) I have developed a breathing type problem like I gasp for air sometimes and Feel like Im not getting enough air. Anyone have this . Thanks everyone for sharing on these forums I read them before my surgery and it helped me alot. Magnum in Michigan :wave: