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I am just under two weeks post ACDF for left sided ruptured/spine compressed disc. Although my original pain was right sided and i have a bulge below c5 6, the herniation was left. Over time the pain moved central and to the left and then i had the surgery.

My question is that tonight i had some nasty right sided down the shoulder, arm and into the thumb and then third finger pain. It was definitely the nerve path that the disc pain takes and same as what i had two years/3 years ago when disc first herniated.

One dr. said he could do operation for the left sided herniation and the pain might still be there though on the right so he held off.. My new Dr. said he agreed the pain was shifting due to the disc compression changes.

Anyway, do any of you have this experience of definite disc path pain. I do not take all the percocet recommended as it is not sedating for me but rather makes me hyper and the tylenol 3 i use limited as well. Should i just be doing full intake of meds as rec'd for the two week period and then taper off.. i felt like i was doing great but maybe it was just overdoing it.

THE infor given me was that after operation the pain could stay the same, be less and better or get worse... What have all your experiences been.

I feel confused as to what activity i should be doing.. some of you mention going back to work after two or three weeks and i compare this to my day and that seems incredible. Today I watched only at my 11 year olds bowling birthday party..my first time out of the house since operation and then later i washed our small shitz'tu dog 10 lbs in the laundry tub lifting him in and out only... Was that too much... could it have set off the pain... I definitely had the most intense day of activity relative to any yet..

Hoping its a reasonable setback... nervous nero...please please let me know