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I am down to one 10 mg Perocet and the odd Tylenol no. 3 each day. I feel deep nerve pain only if i overdo things. I have to take Benedryl liquid antihistamine to sleep at night as Percocet wakes me up but ends the pain.

Can you folks please let me know how approximately you weaned and what your med intake was at around the two weeks post op.

I feel positive about the decrease but still very tired and wondering if I took more/same/or some different pain med I could stop feeling fatigued all the time.

This morning my hubby took me to get my Christmas baking products and by the time I got home I slept for two hours and then only baked a small packaged cake. I am pacing myself but its hard to think you are moving ahead sometimes.

I find myself emotionally unstable; either completely zealous that i am doing so well or crying late at night that sleep is such a pain the butt, or I feel juvenile and cant' seem to find anything positive. Is this normal? I am generally a very outgoing and a real go -getter but i cancelled my friend coming to do laundry tomorrow as i just can't handle the whole intrusion - its too tiring.

I know everybody tolerates surgery differently but the bounce back is really different than anything i experienced i.e. c sections etc. I feell kind of like this whole thing is surreal still.

Maybe I just need a good glass of french wine ...any thoughts or info about how you guys feel/deal with it would be appreciated. I feel guilty wanting to talk to my husband about it but am very reluctant as i am sure this is a drag after three years of listening to pain issue and i dont' want to jeopardize any more of our relationship... I really love him and he has and is overextending himself.

Just some late night questions.. Thanx a lot - not so spry Nero