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My son now 7 has the same thing and he is excelling in school, get going on the birth to three program, ask your local cp. clinic where it is. Also start with streaches which i know you are proberbly doing already.
Keep to a regular secdual sleeping the most important. My son just this week started having seizures and I believe it was due to a couple of late nights he was not able to sleep and he would not nap for me. I was also told instead of using tylanol for colds and feavers to use advil or motrin as they let the liver work on the body normaly but tylanol is hard on the liver. So I truly believe your child may live sizure free just try and stick to a a scedual. A night or two should not matter as it did not in the past for my son.
Good luck

I will bring the tylemol vs motrin issue w/Alex's neuro the next time we see her, as that is news to me. I know about tylenol being hard on the liver if given too often (or too much), but the link to seizures is where I am confused. Alex is alredy getting PT 1x per week for "tone issues" through early intervention, on top of what we do with him the rest of the week. He has been seizure free, at least since he came home from the NICU, even w/being weaned from phenobarbitol. Now, I am just waiting for the mri we are supposed to have after he turns 1.