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I have a herniated disc at C5-6 with bone spurs, likely pinched nerves and spinal cord compression. I saw a Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Spinal Surgery last week who said surgery in my case in inevitable. I've been in PT and Chiro for 3 months which has relieved some daily pain for a couple of hours, but no more than that. I am planning on getting a 2nd opinion from another specialist. Not that I question his recommendation, since I pointed it out myself on the MRI images, but for my own peace of mind. I'm only 26 years old and back/neck surgery wasn't written in my books. It was caused by a duty related incident. May I ask what has caused your condition? Also, what tests/MRI's you've had done? And doctors you've seen for this?
I am new to this board, but I can't even being to explain how supportive people are. It's like a big group of forever friends. Please feel free to voice your opinions and questions. We will do all we can to help answer and support you. As I've found out myself here.
Take Care.

Never had a health related issue in my life, was helping put a new roof on my house this summer, and ached like a mutha, so 4 months later (I thought it would go away) I went to the family doc, he said knotted muscles, didn't go away, went to a chiro, he had xrays done of neck and shoulder, and low and behold, I was born with almost NO disk between c6-c7, and bone spurs developed, and pinched nerves. I've been in PT for a month and a half, and very little improvement. I am having an MRI next week, and seeing my first neurosurgeon. I plan on seeing many before anyone cuts me. I am 36, and do not plan on having surgery anytime soon. Anyway I can get relief from this? I take NOTHING for pain, not even a tylenol. Doc isn't a pill pusher, and says a stomach ulcer will happen if I take pills regularly....but it gets so annoying, ya know? w/b... Dee