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I am a month post op tomorrow and my throat is still so sore when I swallow. I did have terrible cold and flu for ten days and felt and got dressed up on last Friday and by mid evening my throat was killing me again and I was ill all weekend with it- like in bed. I am taking 1/2 percocet for the pain and tonight cannot sleep so took a Tylenol 3. Not being a pill person and usually toughing it out without pills shows me I am sick with this.

It seems that this 'sore throat' is the infamous one you get with this surgery as I have had this for a month now and my cold is gone. Do any of you suffer from this. It is like really sore similar to when you have an infected throat or a case of strep when your adam's apple is felt with every swallow. Then tonight my husband hugged me and said hey you are really warm and I definitely had a small two degree temp.

Lori rat you mention throat problem and it being long term and your visit to the ENT soon. Did your symptoms transcend from a sore throat and continue or do you have something more.

The dr. told me that they bash us up pretty good in there when they go in and my eardrums or inside deep in my ears ached terribly right after surgery as well periodically now and again a lot tonight.

Anyway, any comparable notes would be appreciated. I am thinking maybe i should get an antibiotic or at least my throat checked as tonight I cannot sleep for the throat pain.

Thanks folks,..... glad you are all here for advice.