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I have been *preliminarily* (no laparoscopy) diagnosed with endometriosis, starting at age 12. I had horribly painful and heavy periods, first taking advil, then up to a combo of 4 advil and 4 tylenol, then prescription relafen, and finally flexeril to relieve the pain. At 14 I was put on BCP to try to control the pain and heavy flow. I'm 20 now and have been really happy with how well it has worked for me. However, a brief try with the patch (which made things worse again, back on the pill) has made me start thinking about this again, and now that I am older and more informed I have a lot of questions. I'm scared of a laparoscopy b/c its surgery, but I'm also worried for my reproductive health. My mom had to have a hysterectomy at 28, but luckily for her she already had 3 kids. I'm concerned I will become infertile before I am ready to have children ( I know I want several, but I am currently in college, and have no S.O.) For anyone with endo...what are some benefits from getting diagnosed through/removal of endo with laparoscopy? How has your fertility been affected? Does anyone know any good resources I could look into, or have any questions that I should ask my doctor? I know I'm still relatively young, and its under control with the BCP, but if it progresses like my mom's....well I guess I'm just concerned for what my future holds with this disease... Thanks for reading, and TIA for your help!!!