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I am six weeks post op from ACDF with own bone, plate and at c5 6 level.

I promise you, you will feel better. All of what you describe is similar to some of the symptoms together we have all had. I do not have the pain down the arm but I still have pins and needles when I cough, laugh etc. That may never go away since it is from spinal chord damage yet it could taking up to 12 - 18 months. My surgeon said its an inch a month to reverse the nerve damage.

He looked amazed when I had nothing to really complain about and then examined my neck with the collar off.

Two days later I entertained a new phase of recovery being the muscle spasms, the nasty headaches and am currently taking small walks around the house with the collar off. I am not scheduled to take it off until Jan 1 and then possibly a little at a time with an opportunity only then to start driving. I have been proactive and only had a towel around my neck in the shower to remind me in order to get the muscles working.

It is way too early at three weeks to feel great.. sleeping was definitely nuts then as I remember it. I told Dr. I still take a 1/4 percocet and my Tylenol 3 when I feel burned out. He smiled and said that is nothing.

The fourth week you will slowly feel better and by the sixth i think you will reflect on the considerable difference in your state.

Don't give up.. you have done well just to be able to sit down and type out your concerns...give yourself credit.. some would just lie around and whine and you are out there seeking information.

Try to do a little ... rest... and then a little more and rest a lot... time will assist you. I promise.

Your friend who is Nearly new again... Nero