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I was reading this post by hugo eve and could not believe my eyes.Love my pain?excuse me?I had the misfortune to have a herniated disc a few years ago,and most of the time, i toughed out my pain with tylenol aleeve ,ice packs or anything else that would work.I eventually had surgery that turned into a total nightmare when earlier last year, a group of blood vessels that had been lurking unknown to me, started to bleed inside my spinal cord.I had to have the scariest surgery of my life when they were forced to go inside and dig the lesion out.Well, i am now left with severe neuro defects in my l hand and leg.i can no longer feel hot or cold sensations on my R side and within the last few months developed central pain syndrome with the beginning stages of RSD in my R knee and foot.The pain that i was having with my herniated disc is now something i long for.i would love to go back to that level of pain right now, as the pain that i am having now is some kind of hidious form of torture.Do you know what it feels like to have a feeling in your entire arm practically 24/7 like someone is taking fingernails and starting at the very top of your arm and digging into your skin and scraping them all the way down your arms,and if that isn't bad enough, you feel like the skin on your legs is being pulled so tight that it feels like it is going to rip?I cannot even stand to have a hug from my children as when they place their hands even lightly on my back,the pain is just excruciating.This is currently my life right now.It sucks But i am dealing with it as best i can.And I don't need a slap in the face from some one who has never walked in my shoes.How dare you!If you made it through your surgery with out any painkillers i am happy for you.But don't presume that if i or anyone else on this board suffers from chronic or severe pain that we are some kind of whimps or something.And by the way, pain CAN hurt you.Do you have any idea of just how many chronic pain sufferers out there commit suicide every year because their Drs refuse to even address their pain?Please,if you cant say anything more encouraging than "love your pain" and boast about your lack of using painkillers after your surgery,keep your thoughts to yourself okay? Marcia