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Yes, I had read that about NSAIDS, and they didn't give me an rx for them (but gave me better pain meds). I am seven and a half months out and fused well. I don't think there is concrete proof of this, but there are some studies. Anyway, why would we want to take a chance? There are plenty of non-NSAID pain meds. I'd never heard anything about Glucosamine, but since it's just a supplement, probably best not to take chances. Also, speaking of supplements, nobody ever told me to take a calcium mineral supplement, but I did take calcium / mineral supplements, as well as take foods rich in calcium. I got conflicting information about this: when I asked her, the assistant said that I shouldn't take NSAID's, but the surgeon said I could take anything I wanted. For sure, smokeing has been proven to inhibit fusion, but for some people simply can't stop. Fortunately
I don't smoke.

I was told not to use any anti-inflammatories. Use only Tylenol as NSAIDS are not good for the fusion process.