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I had my first post op visit with the neurosugeon yesterday. He was very pleased with the progress I have made. I was allowed to remove the neck brace too. It's kinda wierd not being in the brace. It acts like a security blanket. I am having some weakness in my right arm and some pain in my shoulder since I have taken it off. But I must remember that I've got muscles moving now that haven't been used for a month. I'll have to take it easy for a few days so that I don't overuse the muscles and throw them into spasms.
I don't have to go back and see the surgeon again unless I just feel I need to. They gave me paperwork so that I can get my 2 month xray done at a local hospital and have it sent to him. My surgery was done in Columbus, Oh and I live in Kentucky so it is a long drive to go see him. If the xray is good I will return to work at that time.
I still don't have my voice back yet and that's a little scary. He said it should return but that it may take months for it to happen. He said the more I rest my voice the quicker it will return. I supervise a Customer Service dept. and talking to customers and employees is what I do all day. It will be hard if my voice doesn't improve some more.
The Ohio State basketball coach had this surgery done last fall and he lost his voice almost completely. He was on the tv just the other night and he is sounding much better.
My neurosurgeon said that if I should ever have problems with my neck again and would need further surgeries that I should probably consider a posterior approach since my voice was affected this time. Hopefully I will never have to go through this again. Two times is enough.

no meds now, just Tylenol
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