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hi irish
you know what they say go with your gut feeling only you know your body and if you sense something is wrong you most likly are correct i do hope not though i was misdiagnosed for a pulled muscle in my shoulder and suffered with pain for 3 years i knew there was something wrong and did not think it was just a pulled muscle i finally demanded that i get a mri and that i would pay for it after dr found out that i had cervical disc diesease and herniations and a pinched nerve he called the neurosurgeon while i was in his office and i was seen the next day so i know what you mean by thinking something is wrong i would call the dr and ask to see him right away and tell him how you are feeling and maybe ask him to prescribe some oxycodone for pain i also was on hydro and it did not work for my pain after telling my dr about it he switched me to oxycodone and it has worked well for the pain maybe it will work for your pain i have been on it for 3 1/2 years now i started on 10 mgs of oxycodone apap w/ tylenol 4 x day and now i have been titerated up to 15 mgs of oxycodone HCL 4 x a day qty 85 every 3 week and 5 mgs of percocet for breakthru pain as needed he gives me qty 90 every 3 weeks of those hope you get to feeling better and your pain lessens you are in my prayers
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