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I had a total hysterectomy, bikini incision, 11 years ago.

I was in the hospital for a week (demerol for pain) and then had pain for a week or so afterward. Tylenol did help with that the second and third week. I started to feel more normal after about 3 weeks.

Is there any abnormal redness at your incision? Is there abnormal swelling of your abdomen? Is the pain unbearable and consistent? Have you seen your doctor to make sure it's nothing more serious?

With all the lesions and scar tissue you had cleared out from that area....it all takes time to heal. If it was on your bowel, they take them out and check them throroughly and then stuff it all back into the cavity. They find their way back....so that too will create some pain. I found I was having a lot of gas pain....like it would want to come out and then go back in. Getting up and walking around a bit helped with that.

What did your doctor say about recovery time? It's only been a week.....

Are you having bm's and urinating OK? Are you able to get up and walk a bit?

You'll start to feel better with each day. If you overdo, you may have a minor setback with pain. Your body will tell you when to take it easy.

Best to you,