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First of all, I'm an old pro at dental problems with what I call my $20,000.00 mouth so this one has stumped me. I had a crown prep on the 22nd. After she gave me the shot, I got nauseous and felt as if I were going to faint (I've never fainted in my life). It passed. She had a hard time getting the temp to glue on there so I was in the chair quite a long time. Moderate pain that night that I took vicodin for. 2 days later a different kind of pain started. It was in my ear, my bottom jaw and my upper row but, it wasn't a constant pain like needing a root canal might cause. Here I am a week later and its just as bad if not worse. It hurts especially when laying down, to the point that I'm now taking 2 vicodin's when it wakes me up. It doesn't hurt at all when chewing there and in reality, putting pressure on it helps when its hurting badly. Let me note that this is one of the worst pain's I have ever felt, its very intense but of short duration and even a tylenol will alleviate it except when laying down. My dentist of course just told me on the phone that I probably just need a root canal. I remember that kind of pain as being constant so I want some other input before doing so. I am on antibiotics just in case. Thanks