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This might seem like a silly question, but has anyone gotten a really good explanation from their doctor about why so many of us get these severe postop back and neck muscle spasms? I was originally told it was the way I was positioned on the table. Also, I was told the muscles were stretching because fixing the herniated disc actually made my neck longer. Both these make sense for the initial months of postop pain but I was wondering why so many of us continue to have significant muscle pain three and even six months postop. It would seem the above issues would resolve fairly quickly.

I'd ask my ns but at six week's postop I've been discharged from his care. He says I should no longer need any meds (but I still take Tylenol regularly for the pain and would probably take something else if it were available). He said the muscle spasms were a normal result from a successful surgery and would resolve with time (but didn't know how long). My physical therapist said he treats lots of patients with the same symptoms postop but he didn't know why they occurred either. (PT hasn't really helped me, by the way.)

I've just been wondering - maybe knowing what is causing them would help me get rid of them. If not, at least knowing where they're coming from would be a help. Anyone get a good explaination?