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Hi Melinda,
Thank you so much for the information.I am so worried about this surgery and i think the wait for it is making it worse for me.The pain that i have been in for the last couple of weeks has been incredible.My family doctor has just upgraded me from Tylenol 3 to percocet.That took alot of begging.I am not sure why it is so hard to get proper pain medication but it is so frustrating.Between dealing with the stress of the kids,the pain,and just knowing what i have to face for the future.I get so depressed.I am so glad that i found this website with people that are very supportive and understanding.I really don`t have very much support with family or friends and the doctor just seems to want to rush me out of his office.I am so very thankful for you guys on this board.Thank you again for answering my questions Melinda,it helped me alot.It made me feel more at ease.The first surgery i had i was alone and very scared.But at least i know now i have support from the people on this board! Thank you!
Hi Everyone,
I am back from surgery i was released four days after some horrific treatment by the nurses i must say.The surgery was the 26th i got home on the 30th.
I will explain everything in a later post because i am not sure how much longer i can sit here.I just wanted to let all of you know that.If i would have known i was going to be in that much agony i really would have waited until my pain was completely out of control.I might just be saying this now because i am only 6 days post-op.But oh my God,i thought i was going to die!!
On top off all of that pain, the prescription i was sent home with (Oxycontin)could not be filled until i had a special paper from the surgeon.So i had to suffer from three o`clock pm until 1 o`clock in the afternoon the next day.All i had was one extra strength tylenol and you guys know how well that works for us.Not to mention the morphene withdrawl symptoms i was having from the hospital.Oh and i really don`t want to mention this but i have too.I also came on my period the day i came home and i had a badder infection!!! Don`t worry though i am sort of laughing this off now because now i have my oxyconton`s.So how was your day? lol
Take care everyone!!