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the stages are just the severity of the disease. when there isnt alot of endo., it is stage 1, when there is alot it is stage 4, etc. stage 4 is the highest you can go and is what i had/have. As I have said before, you cannot see endo. on an ultrasound, just cysts. You cannot see endo. on a CT either. The only way to diagnose it is through the laproscopic surgery. It took my dr. a long time to get that far with me. I was told it was all in my head. and told to take tylenol. Then on occasion when I went to ER for it I was given hydrocodone. But after so many visits there, your labeled as an addict. So, I feel you girl. I had to go as far as buying on the street once it was soooooo bad before my period I thought I was gonna die! and the ER dr. told me I was in there 3 times within 3 weeks and she wasnt giving me anything else but enough pain meds. to take care of it for 2 days. Well, finally 3 months later my dr. I guess got tired of the ER visits and dr. visits and did the laproscopy. I was covered. Stage 4. She felt so bad. I didnt even need to make an appt. after that I could just walk into her office and she would see me. She put me on hydrocodone for about 6 months after my surgery cuz there was microscopic pieces she couldnt get out. Then I moved to florida. Labeled as an addict again. Had another Lap. done, no endo found. Its been about a year and a half since that lap. still having painful periods real heavy/irregular and backpain especially before my period. new symptom though, sometimes streaks of blood in stool for a day or two before my period. So I dont know what is gonna happen now. GYN wont give me any pain meds. So im back to goin to ER and getting treated pretty bad in there. labled as an addict again. I dont know whats gonna happen now. So I know exactly what you are goin through girl!! wbs