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Quote from CHETNSUE:
Thanks Ricki for the suggestion on the soft brace, I will try it. I have no choice to wait for August due to my work. I am in charge when my Boss is on vacation and he is taking 2 weeks, one in June and the other in July. The first available time is August 12th. :confused: Every now and then I get the nausea. I hope that I can deal with this until then. The sleeping part sucks too. I get a few hours and that's about it. Only 65 days.

Hi there. I wanted to respond about the sleeping part, I had an AWFUL time sleeping. The pain, tossing and turning made me feel awful in the morning so I understand you are getting no relief. I started taking Tylenol PM a few weeks before the surgery. It helped me sleep and feel much better. I think when I was tossing and turning I was probably tensing up my muscles and making it worse! So the Tylenol PM at least let me feel rested and took some physical pressure off. You could also ask your doctor for something, I meant to. Good luck, let me know how you're doing!