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I don't know why you are coughing so much and that alone should be reason enough to go get checked out. Coughing increases alot of pressure in the body and intracranial pressure is one of them. This is pressure within brain area. For coughing so hard to produce an aneurysm, and I am not a doc, I would think there needs to be something underlying already. In other words, coughing that bad for a long time may trigger what you were already predisposed to or already had. Does that make sense? You may just have a headache from all the coughing, not necessarily because you have an aneurysm. There are many other factors to consider such as age, if you have high blood pressure, a family history, history of head trauma, etc. When people come in they usually complain of a headache, sometimes vision changes, weakness (this relates to where the aneurysm is), sometimes describe it as the worst headache of their life, unrelieved with Tylenol, with or without nausea/vomiting. Some just have a headache and nothing else. My point is, go to the er, have it checked out, because it's better to be safe than sorry. If nothing else, get that cough taken care of. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.