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I read your post to him and he said there are times that he just has shooting pain for what seems like no reason. He has said that he is in constant pain but has learned to live with it. In fact all that he has for pain is Tylenol 3 and he really doesn't use them a lot. He is considering changing doctors though because the doctor he has is one that doesn't like to give out medicines and he's asked for a small prescription of something stronger for the bad days and he's refused.

His loss of hot/cold is actually on both sides. We have to watch things like when he takes a bath or is cooking. I've come home and found where his feet are beet red from taking a bath that he didn't realize was too hot until he was into the bath really good. There have been several times where he's dropped hot grease or bumped up against the oven or grill so we have to keep an eye on it because he knows he did it but it didn't hurt.

He does walk. He didn't have any feeling in his legs and had tingling in his arms immediately after his accident. Within a few hours he had feeling and was pretty good at being able to tell what toe they were touching although he was a bit confused from the shock and from hitting his head. At about two weeks post accident he began being able to move one of his legs left to right. Within 4 weeks post accident they had him on his feet. The previous doctors had said the best we could hope for would be braces to help him stand. Of course he had a lot of light headedness dealing with all this especially until the halo came off. He used a walker for probably about 2 more months after his 6.5 weeks in the hospital then went to a cane. He had episodes of falling from time to time but used a cane. He does have a habit of 'stomping' when he walks from time to time. A while back he decided he wasn't going to use his cane anymore but in March he had a seizure and right before that his balance had been off quite a bit so he does use the cane now when we leave the house.

You are welcome for the disability info. That was almost as hard as all the recovery! LOL