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Well, I also still have muscle spasms, occasional numbness, tingling and burning in my shoulder blade and pain. My surgery was 3-29-04. I saw the NS this week. He said it was all very normal. He said I still can NOT have PT either. He said 6 more weeks til I can rehab my shoulders and arms. I am very impatient too. We discussed that. He said it will take a whole year to get back to normal. This is a major operation and nerves heal very slowly, 1 ml. per week. He did release me to work for July 9. I am a bit scared as some days are not good at all. Truly until 6 days ago I had mostly bad days. I still take Soma once or twice a day for the muscle spasms and occasionally Tylenol #4 for pain. This is sure different than I expected.