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I had ACDF at c5-c6 5 and a half months ago. recently, as i have become athletically active again, i have succumbed to very painful back spasms around my right shoulder blade and shoulder/neck area. i've had this pain for 5 weeks!!! a physiatrist gave me a numbing and cortizine injection into the muscle (what he called the "trigger point") directly last week, but this did little, if anything. he said that targeting the trigger point again is useless as the pain i am feeling is "referred pain" from the vertebrae levels above or below my surgery. he first wants me to try tylenol with codeine for a feww days to a week to see if that can "break the pain" i dont understand this strategy, but i guess i will try it. if this doesnt work, he says we should inject the joints between the vertebrae at the levels above and below my fusion with numbing medication and a steroid. does anyone know about this? is it safe? effective? long lasting? are there other alternatives? is this the "epidural" injection that pple are referring to on here?
any advice is VERY appreciated!