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Hi! I am very interested in your knee pain as I have been getting quite a lot myself. I am 39 with spastic hemiplegia (L side).
What kind of pain are you having??
I have lots of chronic infammation in my lower back and I am on celebrex for that. It may be something to look into for your knee.
How did they come up with your knee diagnosis????



I have sharp shooting pain with popping and cracking. It feels like bone rubbing on bone from having no cartilage in the knee. The doctor says I have some arthritis build up because of there being no cartilage there. I went to the doctor end of April because the pain the knee was too much. He took some x-rays and that's when he discovered the arthritis and diagnosed me with patellofemoral pain syndrome. Because I went for 2 months before going in to see the doctor, I am now paying the price. They are currently trying to treat the inflammation with Neproxen and pain with Tylenol. I was also in PT to try to regain strength in that knee and foot. They are also running blood tests to see what the underlining cause is. The only test that comes back irregular is the inflammation test which is elevated. It is a mutual frustration, because no one has any answers yet. Good luck with yours and get it checked out ASAP. Let me know what they say about yours. :)