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The only way to truly diagnose endometriosis, is to see a gyno and have them schedule a laproscopic surgery. They go in thru your belly button and look around for the endo growths on different internal organs. I have it growing all over and that is the only way they can see it, as it does not show up on things like cat-scans, etc....

As for pain management. I am on depo provera. But while it helps a little, I have a pretty severe case that causes cramping all month long. I have taken vicodin for about 5 years. I had a break of about a yeark and half in there where I had a scraping surgery and my pain diminished until the endo started growing back. Recently I spoke with my doctor because I was taking SO much of the vic's that I was worried about the effect of the tylenol in them on my stomach. Also, they weren't as effective after taking them for so long and I was having to take more and more and more... So my doctor has recently prescribed methadone which I take one a day every day. And I take one extra when my cramps are exceptionally bad and I have break thru pain.