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My son had Botox therapy a few times. He didn't have casting with the botox. Instead he had more frequent and more aggressive (to use their term) physical therapy sessions. We had very good results and were able to delay heel cord surgery until right before his tenth birthday. He would receive several injections in the calf. (I believe the injections are typically into the muscle not the tendon, but that might vary. I don't really know).

A topical anesthetic wouldn't affect the discomfort much. It's a deep muscle injection. You might ask the doctor or nurse whether it's wise to give the child some tylenol or other analgesic prior to the injections. Our neurologist administered the injections and was always remarkably quick. The injections were indeed painful but the pain was very brief. Our son always did very well with that part of it though he would be quite anxious -- as is any child anticipating an injection.

Hope that helps.