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Hi. A question for any parents of children w/ CP who have a G-tube and have had tonsils and adnoids removed. My 8 yr old is going next month to have the T&A done. I'm a bit worried about the healing. He hardly takes in anything by mouth and is mostly g-tube fed. I know that after the T&A a big part of helping to heal and relieve the discomfort is to drink alot of cold clear fluids. But what if he can't drink?? My son can take just a little liquid down by mouth - but I'm sure it's not enough to help much. If anyone has any advice for me it would be great! I'm just a bit stumped on what to do to help him feel better after the surgery, besides giving him tylenol. Maybe an ice pack on his neck just under his chin? I just don't know :confused: !! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!