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Thanxs so much for the response's,,I really do not understand myself as to why he did not fuse c5c6,other then what he told me,on the mri both disks were bulgding,with mild flating of spinal cord,and herniation in c6c7,I had one steroid shot,that sent the pain level up 4 notchs,which I at the time did not think was possible,but it was and by the night before surgery,Iwas crawling the wall,this from a woman who has had 5 kids w/no pain meds,open heart surgery,takeing only tylenol after,cuz I do not tolerate pain meds well,now yesterday had to travel 5o miles to get a differant collar,I was in one called a phillidephia,now have miami,anyway,that ride must have worked up stuff, cuz both arms were tingleing, right one was heavey and weak , and legs got involved,right one is threating a charley horse,god I am praying this all settles down,I though being cursed with bad genes(regarding heart) was bad,gee's,Diana