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Dear Ticker,

I wanted to keep you posted on my progress since I last wrote. I was tested for co-infections and luckily there were none so it is just the Lyme(if that's what I have) that I am dealing with right now. Of course that's enough! I just received my first bill from the doctor and was just astounded,my first weeks worth of meds was $4,065. Of course that included the blood work they do to check liver and kidneys and changing the dressing but I still say I was really shocked. I will somehow handle the cost until the first of the year but then the deductible kicks in again and it's $2500. Of course even after that I will still have to pay my 20%. My biggest concern is whether this is really Lyme. Personally I think it is but I just wish I could be sure. I had written to you a few weeks ago about one chill that went through me and some fatigue and wondered if the herx could be that small a reaction but since then, one day after 4 weeks on the med I had a night where I had real bad chills, no fever but I just couldn't get warm and my equilibrium was even worse than normal and a bad headache. I took 2 Tylenol and went to bed. I felt better the next day but then again that night I was real fatigued, equilibrium problem and upset stomach and across my shoulders and my arms were real sore. This sounds more like the herx
but I'm really not sure what to look for. Would it just last a few days? I seem to be okay now and was thrilled to think it might be a herx because then it would validate what I'm doing. I guess I was expecting something even worse. I seem to be making very subtle progress and then sometimes I get real fatigued again and start walking badly. So frustrating! I believe that the doctor will continue as long as I am showing some changes but again I'm really concerned about the cost because of our financial situation and my husband being retired. If I was showing improvement by the end of the year (8 weeks of treatment) could I then take oral Doxy or would that not help? I know I need to continue for 6 weeks after the symptoms are gone but does it matter which med I take. By the way my hands are still stiff and numb. I had a 12 hour period where my right hand was as normal as can be but then went back to the stiffness. Is it normal to go back and forth like this and should I just be pleased that it is at least doing something? Will the symptoms just go away all at once or will it be just a little bit here and there? I don't care how it works just so that it does work. I'm usually a real patient person but after all this time maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. I think my problem is that I have read about people who have had Lyme (even long term) and after a week of meds they started to see improvement. They must just be the exception. I guess that's all for now. Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Here's wishing you all a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a much healthier "NEW YEAR". My birthday is New Year's day, what a great present that would be.
Thanks again,