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Those muscle spasms can be very deceptive and mask themselves as all kinds of things.

It's hard to say it's just muscle spasms, when we just went through such a serious surgery, and we want to be in tune with what our bodies are telling us. Make sure if things don't get better, or you have other problems, you contact your doc.

I found that during the first few weeks, the combination of your body trying to "protect" the area that had surgery, and the stupid collar, I was hunching my shoulders in an "up" position. I didn't notice it, but it was very un-natural, and caused my muscles to tighten up alot. Once I realized it, I started forcing myself to "relax", and did some breathing excercises, plus the heat and cold. I also use Flexall rub on back of neck and shoulders. Gradually the muscled relaxed and i felt much better.

Also, for some reason Benadryl helps with the spasms. Ask your doc if it's okay to take. I take one at bedtime, as it helps you sleep (same thing that is in most over counter sleep meds...and Tylenol PM).

Just keep up what your doing, it will get better.