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I think you are making a good choice kiera with the babysitting. It's hard enough when you aren't pg and you are.

Thanks for the words of encouragement. She actually e-mailed me last night looking for another sit at the end of the month. I had to be honest with her and tell her that I am really not up for it. But I feel horrible, she's pregnant too, 7 months, and she watched my son (last minute emergency) like 2 weeks ago. Now she's had a strange work schedule change and needs help. I asked her to exhaust her resources and then let me know. It wouldn't have been so awful if her son hadn't cried half the time he was over. Sigh. Anyway...

Had my root canal yesterday. Yuck. Then he finished and was like, see me after you have your baby and I'll give you the crown for you tooth. And I'm waiting for him to give me a prescription for pain killers. Nope. Darn. I understand, but I was hoping :) Truth be told, Tylenol has done the trick, I barely feel anything.

Re-weighed myself. Guess it was the time of day before, because it droped back down 5 lbs...thank god! Six lbs in a week was a bit too extreme for me.

Now I'm on a smoothie kick..that's the first thing I think about when I wake up and was the last thing I had before bed.

I have no idea what to name our little girl. I know I have 5 months...but we have been going over girl names for years. Naming a boy was so much easier!

Well, we're going on a family vacation to Savannah/Atlanta. Should be great. I get to see my best friend get married to my husband's best friend. Plus spend some days on the beach! :cool: Talk to y'all in 10 days ;)
that is always a hard thing to go through. death and dying is a difficult time for everyone. it is funny how life goes full circle. as your loved one is preparing to leave, your new life is preparing to enter. it is epically beautiful.

i feel my little baby about 10 times a day!!! sometimes a bunch at once, sometimes every so often. these headaches are killing me!!!! i have tried the vicks, my darvocet, tylenol, ice packs.... nothing seems to work. i think a lot is stress and caffiene withdrawl related. (1/2 cup coffee, one pop)

i get my quad screen on thurs. i just have this awful feeling that it is going to come back positive. i know i shouldn't think like that! i am actually starting to get excited! i got some maternity clothes today from good ol wal mart. i have some from my last pregnancy, but just a few.

i also got a journal to start documenting some things that are going on for this new baby and i am going to try to re-cap my son's first year so he will always have something to remember me by. i was so close to death myself with his delivery that i know how fragile we all are, and IF something should happen, i want him to know he is the light of the world.