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Hello fellow Lyme friends, :)
How are you all doing and coping with this strange illness...LOL
Well Ticker recommended me a doctor in Ridgefield CT and I called. But they do the same payment plain as my old expensive doctor. Dr. Stephens charges $525 for the first visit and different charges I guess from then on.

I would still Like to go but my Mom is the one who helps pay my medical bills and when I told her she said "NO WAY, she can't afford it." I am still stuck because my old doctor cost alot too and my mom said we are not to be going back to him.

I called my insurance to refer me to a Doctor who knows and undertsands lyme but they said there isn't any Lyme specialist. So they gave me the name to a doctor which was the first doctor I saw when I got sick and he insisted that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrom even before any of my test came back.

I have enough antibiotics to last me for a little while but the doctor out in westport that I "WAS" seeing told me there is no pain meds he can perscribe me. I was almost in tears when I herd that. I am a full time mom and I am starting school back up on the 18th. I feel like how can I concentriate if when I have flare ups they are bad ones. A main symtom of the coinffection Bartonella is servare head achs. Mine can last for days! And the doctor that I am paying alote of money for is telling me to take as much of tylenol and alieve mixed together as I need. Thats does not make sences to me. I already told the doctor that ttylennol, motrin, excedrian migrian don't even take the edge of my head achs and anckle pains. But for some reason he won't perscribe any pain meds. And the last pain med he did perscribe was vioxx which I never was able to get because they took it off the market. I know that my test results are not from him but from reliable labs but am I working with a quack??????

I have state insurance and they won't cover any doctors that I know of that treat lyme. I am ok now but I am going to be freaking out when I am sooo tierd and sick, or haveing a flare up and I have to do a million things with no doctor.

I am sorry for all the complaining! I am looking for advice. I put a email into the Lyme assosiacation of PA seeing if maybe they can send me a referal of a doctor that my insurance would cover.

Overall I am thankfull I got enough help up to this piont. I do feel like a different person from the beginning of my relasp of bartnella.

thank you all for your time