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I am not able to take any of the meds for migraines like Imitrex, Zomig, Amerge, et.al. due to heart problems and the potential risk of heart attack from the drug....My doc just wouldn't let me even try them. So it was straight up narcotics for me.......My doc had me taking Fioranal #3 and Tylenol #3 and I would alternate every other headace. I was having headaches daily some would last a week or two weeks....About 4 times a year I would go to the hospital for an IV drip of dem/phen or something similar.....

In April I started taking Topamax. I've only had one headach since April.....I take 75 mg of Topamax at night. It's a preventative....You don't have to wait for the pain, then use the med....it totally prevents the pain. For me it has been my WONDER/MIRACLE drug. Topamax is actually an anti-seizure med, but has been used recently with MUCH success with migraine sufferers. I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER. Now if I could just get rid of this L5 rupture that is imping the S1 nerve....I'd be good as new. Oh and I should tell you that Topamax has a "side effect".....weight loss..... :) I've lost a total of 60 pounds and still losing :bouncing: ....and No headaches to boot....Not bad for a gal who had two and three headaches a day with classic "aura"....

Good luck in your search. Ask your Doc about Topamax. It is very expensive. My co-pay is $42 for a month's supply (90 pills). That's the max I pay for any prescription. But it's well worth it to be pain free from the migraines.

Here's hoping we all have many pain free days in the near future! :angel: