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since your baby is feeding off of what is called a yolk sac for now (and will be will 10 weeks along when the placenta forms) so all that stuff probably didnt even get to your baby.....and the tanning...i would say you did no harm there either.
some dr.s even say it is safe to tan in pregnancy (i dont feel it is however)
my fiend tanned, and smoked ciggaretts all through her pregnancy and her baby boy was okay at birth (he was born about 3 weeks early but that isnt too soon for most babies) and he weighed over 6 lbs....

when i was preg. with my first baby girl i had taken all kinds of nyquil (10% alcohol) and sinus pills and tylenol before i knew i was pregnant and she just turned one yesterday, she is very healthy, always has been :)

things are okay....you cant help what you did before and the stress of worring about it is probably worse than the stuff you did anyway....just relax...your baby will be fine!
just be carful in the future :)