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My new doctor has switched my medications for my TMJ. He switched me from Norco 10/325 with 200-400mg ibuprofen for pain and 10 valium at night for sleep and muscle relaxing for the grinding and clenching to :600-800mg ibuprofen as my main medication with vicodin 5/500 for break through pain, off valium and onto elavin 25mg at night for better sleep, less grinding and clenching. This is day 3 on this new regiment and I am in considerable pain and find I need the break through vidocin 4 times yesterday. He only gave me 50 pills for 3 weeks (about 2.5 a day). My stomach is in an uproar with the high dose ibuprofen and I have had horrid diarhea both Friday and Saturday morning, nausea pretty much all day yesteday and nausea this morning so bad I had to force myself to eat some yogurt before I took the Ibruprofen. How long is a reasonable amount of time on a new regiment to determine if it is going to work? I know from reading that the elavin can take up to 4 weeks to reach its full effect, but I already don't like the bad taste it leaves in my mouth. Nothing tastes right. Also, how long on the ibuprofen and tylenol before I should have a liver panel done. I have been on the tylenol meds for about a year and the ibuprofen for about 6 months.
Let me preface this with the fact that I beleive I had been treated very poorly in terms of adequate pain relief because I have disclosed that fact that I have been in recovery for 15 years. I have never tried to hide that fact and am proud of it. But right now I feel it is working against me in terms of getting adequate treatment for my chronic pain.