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I have been doing alot of reading in here since having my meds changed several times recently, and have been given some great advice by the wonderful regulars on this board! I am hoping you can all help point me in a direction once again :)

Im looking for suggestions on what to tell/ask my doctor about my current meds. I was recently changed over to 10mg Oxycontin, and its kind of funny---some of you may have read my other post where I was afraid of even taking it. Well, its funny because it is just not effective! First, I was getting more relief from the Vicodin and Vicoprofen I had been taking prior to the OxyContin. Second, it does not even come close to lasting 7 hours---let alone 12!! Also I am still experiencing the headaches from this medicine, and its been over a week since I started it. I have read the other threads about the TID that some of you recommended, but even tho my doctor is great and open minded, I get the impression that the 12hr guidelines are not something this office would go against. This is based on past experience with them, and I might even still bring the possibility up, but dont expect it really. These are the main reasons I hated the idea of changing from the meds I found that were working well for me. However, because of the Tylenol/APAP/Acetaminonphen in Vicoden, and the Ibuprofen in Vicoprofen, my doctor had no choice to change me to a medication that doesnt include either(long story short---ive encountered problems with both the apap & ibu).

So now Im left wondering.....what should I recommend/ask for? Here are three ideas I was thinking of mentioning to my doctor (other than the TID/stronger Oxycontin...but the stronger itself wont matter if it doesnt last beyond 7 hours, and Im not sure they will go beyond the BID), so what do you all think of this, and suggest?
1) Initially, my doctor mentioned a duragesic patch to me, but since I have problems with dry, itchy skin (worse in winter) I didnt like the sound of that being on me. I am not beyond trying it, however:
2) I am inclined to think that since the Hydrocodone meds were working---just the extra meds in with them were a prob---wouldnt straight Hydrocodone be a possible solution? The only problem I see with this, is from what Ive read its rarely prescribed and is hard to find a pharmacy with straight Hydrocodone.
3) I was reading positive posts about the relief some people got from straight Oxycodone, and also liked that it was similar to Hydrocodone from what I read, but was confused about something: Is the straight Oxycodone(no ibu/apap) like OxyIR a very short duration med, so it wouldnt provide relief the same amount of time as the "Vico" meds did (3-4 hours)? If not, or if there is another specific Oxycodone I could mention to my doctor that doesnt have the Tylenol or Ibuprofen in it--but would provide relief up to 4 hours, what is the name and its strengths?

Im grateful for everyones help so far, this board and community has really eased my visits with my doctor during a time when, the less stress the better! Its more of a discussion now with my doctor, and less of a Q&A. And of course Shoreline is---as called by many others in this area---the Master! :P Thanks for any input, all your suggestions are appreciated!!
- Phlox
Thanks for the replies!!

Shoreline, as far as the 10mg being basically a placebo---I am going thru that right now, its like Ive started all over from scratch! I hate the idea, not to mention the obvious---the pain is back to the old "8" levels---and wish I could just go back to what I know worked. I think Im going to ask about plain Oxycondone or Hydrocodone when I hear back from them, since I know the SA meds were working for me, it was just the added medicine in them causing problems. I will mention the compound idea to my doctor, but why cant I seem to find much of just plain Hydrocodone, dont they make it by itself or something? All I hear of for plain (no APAP or Ibu) meds is the Oxycodone, but Im a little confused on exactly what its called.

Streetcar---the plain Oxycodone you were on, was/is that the OxyIR? Or was it just say Oxycodone 10mg or something? I just wanted to know so I can get it right when I mention this to my doctor, since actually reaching them can be a pain---it can take my doctors office several days to return a call sometimes (and I suffer in the meantime, so getting it right is important). If you say it had a better relief time(full 3-4 hours) than even the hydrocodone, I would much prefer to ask my doc about that, than to go thru this Oxycontin experiment period until they get it right, and/or take their time in contacting me.

Is OxyIR the only plain Oxycodone with no APAP, it seems from searching that it is. Percocet is not plain Oxycodone, theres Tylenol or Ibu in that, right? (I cant have either until after I see my GI specialist--which is kind of weird, since the OxyContin must be sitting in my stomache all that time anways, so isnt that as bad as Ibu?). Basically, Im not sure what to do at this point, what the heck the straight meds actual names are as opposed to those with something bad for your Liver and/or GI Tract in them, and am feeling a little bit inundated with this stuff. Should I ask for Oxycondone, OxyIR, plain Hydrocodone? Im getting even more confused at this point, so Ill stop for now, lol. :confused: