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I can definitely relate. There are many options available to try....

- chiropractor (I see one when needed and it's great maintenance for my constant pain)
- aspirin and/or tylenol when the pain is unbearable
- muscle relaxants
- massage
- accupuncture
- trigger point therapy
- physiotherapy
- heat application (microwave grain bags are great)
- proper sleeping position (I hug a pillow when lying on my side)
- proper posture
- using an exercise ball (those big ones that you can do zillions of exercises to improve strength, flexibility, stretching....) there are many books available
- stretching exercises
- strength training

and on and on......

I'd start with the chiropractor for some spasm relief and then set up a series of exercises, stretches etc to prevent the spasms from getting as bad.

That pain you've described pretty much sums up the pain I experience when I've overdone.

Hope this helps,